• Pride Month
    Pride Month June is pride month, a wonderful excuse to open ourselves up to new experiences and express our authentic selves wholly.As a bisexual, I’ve had relationships with people of all genders and as an escort, I’ve been lucky enough to have all kinds of queer encounters. Female clientsMy experience with women has been a […]
  • Dinner Dates
    Food or sex? Why not both! As someone who has built their lifestyle around indulgence and pleasure, both are incredibly important to me.
  • Virgins, First-Timers and First Dates
        Virgins, First-Timers and First Dates The first time meeting an escort can be nerve wracking. From butterflies to full blown anxiety, I am no stranger to nervous newbies. I must admit, I love being the person to introduce a newcomer to the world of professional companionship! I enjoy the satisfaction of soothing the […]