Travel Companionship

Travel companionship

You may have dabbled in dinner dates and be well acquainted with the sneaky lunchtime 90 min booking but what’s the deal with travel bookings? Let me break it down and de-mystify one of the more luxurious options available in escort dating.


“Fly-me-to you”, often abbreviated to FMTY, is a great option for distant admiriers. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that your favourite tall, curvy, british beauty lived a little closer to you and you have no current plans to visit London (incredibly fair, it’s 3 ℃ and raining as I write this) then this is an option for you. You can book me for a minimum of 12 hours and have me flown straight to your door. You get to show me around your neighbourhood, we can visit your favourite bars and restaurants and maybe you’ll start to see your home in a whole new light. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting some incredibly exotic locations via FMTY booking but I’ve also enjoyed trips much closer to home via train (rail-me-to-you? rail-and-rail? .. we can workshop it)
I know some companions ask to be paid for time spent traveling which is understandable, airports can be soul sucking, but at the moment I feel that the opportunity to travel outweighs the bad and I only ask for my travel expenses and booking fee.

Travel bookings

There are so many important elements that need to align to make a great holiday or vacation. Location, weather, food, accommodation and most importantly good company. If your bookmarks are full of dreamy airbnbs or you’re constantly browsing tripadvisor, but the only thing stopping you booking tickets is finding a travel buddy, book an escort! Don’t keep putting off these experiences because you can never get your friends’ schedules to align or you’ve not found a date yet. You could be creating wonderful, romantic memories with an adventurous, worldly blonde babe!
Discretion is a key tenant of professional companionship and essential for many busy patrons. Sometimes life gets complicated and dating escorts locally just isn’t an option. The beauty of travel bookings is that we have an opportunity to build a connection in a completely new environment away from the pressures of our home life and be our authentic selves. Perhaps booking a companion is something to consider for your next work trip. I can send you photos of myself making use of the hotel bathtub and you can come join me after your meetings. 

You might be travelling the world and living a life of luxury but it’s not the same without someone to share it with. The right connection with the right companion has the potential to transform even the driest of business trips into the holiday of a lifetime

Phoebe x.